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SUNY GCC - Genesee Community College

Thousands of students have begun their college education at GCC, transferred to a 4-year school, and gone on to earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctorates in a wide variety of fields.

The coursework in our associate’s degree programs is comparable to that of the freshman and sophomore year at most 4-year schools. You can spend your first two years at Genesee and then transfer the credits you earn here to a four-year school of your choice to complete your degree.

Schedule a meeting with Transfer Services:

Kelly Stone
585-343-0055 x6325


Transfer Events

转学顾问将为您解答有关转学过程的问题, including their academic programs, campus life and admissions requirements. See what’s happening this semester…

Sorry, no events found at this time.

Check here for a full calendar of events!

Transfer Process

You should begin this process as soon as you begin your studies at GCC. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help at any point in your transfer process.

1. Select a Transfer Institution and Degree

Decide which 4-year college or university you want to transfer to, and which program you would like to enroll in. 您还可以选择遵循GCC的许多衔接协议或转学途径之一.

2. Fill out College Applications

SUNY Colleges

Complete the SUNY Application online.

Application Fee: The application fee is waived for up to seven SUNY colleges if you will have your degree by the time you transfer. 只需在申请结束时选择“转会费豁免”作为您的付款选项. If you don’t qualify for a “Transfer Fee Waiver”, you may qualify for a financial fee waiver for economic hardship or military service.

GCC College Code: 81
GCC CEEB Code: 2272*

Non-SUNY Public or Private Colleges

Many non-SUNY colleges have their own application on their website, visit their admissions page for information on how to apply. If you are applying to multiple non-SUNY colleges, you may find it useful to use the Common App.

3. Send Your GCC Transcripts

Complete a Transcript Request from our Records Office for each college. There is a $10 fee per transcript.

How to order an OFFICIAL transcript through myGCC

  1. Log in to your myGCC account.
  2. Select My Account
  3. Select Banner Self-Service.
  4. Select Request Transcript under the Student Records Access Menu.
  5. Select Request Official Transcripts.
  6. Follow the instructions to place a transcript order.

Reminder: Be sure to have a copy of your final transcript that shows you have EARNED YOUR DEGREE (if applicable) sent at the end of your final semester at GCC to the college you plan to attend.

If you are sending transcripts to multiple SUNY schools, you can have one official transcript (paper copy) sent to the following address and it will be distributed to all SUNY schools indicated on your SUNY application. This may take longer than sending them to the schools directly.

Application Services Center
SUNY System Administration
H. Carl McCall SUNY Building
353 Broadway
Albany, NY 12246

4. Send All Additional Supplemental Materials Requested

Your transfer institution may require additional materials for your application. These are some of the materials that may be needed.

  • College Transcripts – Contact the Registrar’s/Records Office at your previous college and request an official transcript be sent to your transfer institutions.
  • High School Transcripts – You may also need to send your High School Transcript, contact your HS Guidance Office
  • Test Scores – AP, CLEP, etc.
  • 机构要求的补充材料-项目申请,论文,推荐等.

5. Apply for Financial Aid/Scholarship

Be sure to complete or edit your FAFSA for the academic year for which you plan to transfer. Contact the Financial Aid or Admissions Office for your transfer institution and ask about scholarships available to you.

6. Follow Up with Your Transfer School

Once you’ve chosen your transfer school, follow up with them for next steps, including accepting an admission offer, paying your deposit and getting started.

7. Submit Your Immunization Records

You can retrieve your immunization records to share with your intended transfer school by logging in to your myGCC account:

  • Click on Student
  • Click on Student Experience Dashboard
  • Click on Review Student Communications
  • Click on Immunizations

For additional information regarding immunizations, contact

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer credits to GCC?

The student who applies to transfer to Genesee Community College must have an official transcript sent to the Admissions Office at Genesee Community College.

Transcripts for all entering students (new, readmitted, 转学)将由记录办公室评估,并将接受的学分列表转发给学生.


Credit will be awarded for credit-bearing courses from institutions accredited by an accrediting body as defined by the Council for Higher Education (e.g., the Middle States Commission on Higher Education). Courses must be completed with a grade of S, P, or a letter grade no lower than C- (1.67 on a 4.0 scale). 非认证机构和培训机构也可以根据具体情况授予学分, as recommended by the appropriate faculty members or Dean. Credit from institutions outside of the United States are translated and verified by an evaluation service member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services before being evaluated by the Records Office.

Depending on a course’s degree of similarity to offerings at Genesee Community College, transfer credit may be awarded in one of the following three ways. 在其他院校的课程目录中发现的课程描述将用于确定课程的等效性. In particular, science courses must have a laboratory component, 数学课程的先决条件必须达到或高于初等代数的水平. 适当的教员或院长将审查这些课程描述和/或教学大纲, as needed, in order to make these determinations.

  • When courses are sufficiently similar, transfer credit will be awarded.
  • 与杰纳西社区学院课程不同的课程可以作为特定学术领域的选修课, if such courses would be appropriate additions to those areas. For example, if Genesee Community College does not offer a course in Geology, a student who had taken Geology elsewhere, including a lab, may be given credit for a “science elective.”
  • 与现有课程太不相似而不属于上述第2项的课程可以作为普通选修课转移. An example at the present time would be a credit-bearing course in automotive repair. A maximum of twelve general elective credits may be awarded.

The Genesee Community College reading and mathematics proficiency requirements may be satisfied through successful completion of equivalent courses elsewhere, whether they are credit bearing or not.

学分只授予那些满足学生个人课程要求的课程. A student who changes his/her program may request a re-evaluation in order to determine how transfer credit can be applied.

To meet residency requirements, the combined maximum number of transfer and proficiency examination credits is one-half of the credits required in the student’s program.

If a course carries more credit than its Genesee Community College counterpart, the course will be transferred in with the credit of the Genesee course. The additional credit may be considered general elective credit.

If a course carries less credit than its Genesee Community College counterpart, the course will be transferred in with the credit earned at the other institution. 课程要求可由适当的教员或院长自行决定是否满足. 但是,必须获得额外的学分才能达到该课程所需的总学分.

Credit hours transferred will appear on the student’s transcript with a grade of “TR.” No grade points will be assigned, and therefore, 转学学分不用于计算学生的累积平均绩点.

Quarter hours will be transferred as follows:

Quarter Hours Semester Hours
1-2 1
3 2
4-5 3
6 4
7-8 5
9 6
10-11 7
12 8
13-14 9

There will be no time limit for the awarding of general elective credit, 或者那些内容没有因时间的推移而受到显著影响的课程的学分. In cases where course content would have become obsolete, as identified by the appropriate faculty members or Dean, the time limit will be ten years.

Students entering the Paralegal Studies, Nursing, Respiratory Care, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant programs, or any other program with course time limit requirements should check the specific requirements for their particular program for course completion time limits.

Students entering any computer technology program seeking credit for computer technology courses must have earned that credit within the past three years. Exceptions may be approved on a case-by-case basis by the appropriate faculty or Dean.

Students enrolled under a Regional Articulation Agreement, such as the one which exists for Respiratory Care as of this date, 当他们来到杰纳西社区学院完成他们的学位时,将不被视为转学生. Upon acceptance into the program, all courses will be treated as if they were Genesee Community College courses. Students will be given the grade earned at the other institution, not a grade of TR, in all courses taken during this time period. These grades will be included in their grade point average. 在被录取之前所修的课程将作为转学分进行评估.

The student may appeal decisions of the Advisement Office regarding credit awarded by appealing to the following in the order listed:

  1. The appropriate Dean for the course
  2. Academic Standards Committee
  3. Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

When can I transfer from GCC?

Many students come to GCC with the intention of transferring to another institution before or after they earn a degree.

Before completing your degree at GCC

If you transfer before completing your GCC degree, the 4-year school will

  • Review your GCC transcript
  • Determine your incoming status (freshman, sophomore or junior)
  • Determine the approximate number of credits/semester you will need to complete before you will receive your baccalaureate degree.

In general, if you have approximately 24 credit hours or more, 这所四年制的学校只会根据你的大学成绩单来评估你的录取情况.

After graduating GCC

With an A.S. or A.A. degree

If you graduate from GCC with an A.S. or A.A. 如果你有学士学位,GCC附属的大多数学校都会把你录取为大三学生. 这取决于你之前在GCC的课程选择和你在四年制学校的课程选择, 你通常只需要4个额外的学期就可以完成你的学士学位. But this not always guaranteed!

With an A.A.S. degree

If you graduate from GCC with an A.A.S degree, you will still be able to transfer to the 4-year school of your choice. It will, more than likely, 需要超过4个学期(2学年)才能完成学士学位. Additionally, 作为应用学位的一部分,您在GCC学习的课程可能不适用或不适合四年制课程. You may also have to repeat courses which you already took at GCC.

Where can I transfer?

Find A Transfer School That Fits You

Find a SUNY College or University:

Find SUNY and non-SUNY Colleges and Universities:

Your SUNY Options

SUNY Course Equivalencies

Some Of Your Non-SUNY Options

即使没有衔接协议,大多数私立大学也会接受GCC学分. 下面的列表只是GCC学生在过去十年中成功转学的大学样本. 学生可以与GCC的转学服务部门合作,制定自己的转学计划,转学到任何非纽约州立大学感兴趣的学校.

Connect With Transfer Schools

Many of GCC’s transfer partners visit GCC to meet with students and advise them on transfer requirements and application procedures, as well as offer opportunities to meet with admissions counselors virtually. View Transfer Events for a complete list of what is happening this semester.

海湾合作委员会与纽约州内外的四年制大学签订了许多协议. To learn more about current agreements visit Transfer Pathway Programs or Articulations Agreements.

What types of transfer agreements does GCC offer?

杰纳西社区学院与各种各样的四年制院校有不同类型的转学协议, allowing you to easily transfer after graduation. If you don’t see your program and/or institution, please contact Transfer Services to create your own personalized transfer plan.

SUNY to SUNY Advantage

As part of the SUNY to SUNY Advantage, students earning an A.A. or A.S. degree and who have been accepted into parallel programs at a four year SUNY campus will receive full junior standing. SUNY’s Transfer Paths 对于那些计划在纽约州立大学转学并知道自己打算攻读什么专业的学生来说,也是一个很好的资源.

You can find course equivalencies for most SUNY four year schools on the SUNY course equivalencies website.

Articulation Agreement

衔接协议是海湾合作委员会与四年制纽约州立大学或私立机构之间的协议. It is designed to allow GCC students who complete an A.A. or A.S. (and some select A.A.S.) degree to transfer into the four-year college with full junior status.

Learn more about GCC’s Articulation Agreements and partner four-year institutions to determine if this path is right for you.

Transfer Pathway Programs

Sometimes referred to as Dual Admit or Joint Admissions, Transfer Pathway Programs are an exclusive group of 4-year institutions and designated programs that provide a unique method for transferring and completing a bachelor’s degree after earning an associate’s degree. 这条道路可以让学生提前了解他们想要攻读的确切课程 participating Transfer Pathway School. Students must apply using the GCC Alternative Transfer Pathways Program Application.

These specialized programs are designed for first-time, 全日制学生,他们知道自己想要什么样的学士学位,从什么样的四年制大学毕业. Learn more about the Transfer Pathway Programs to determine if this course of action is right for you.

What is a reverse transfer?

Did you start your degree or certificate at GCC, but transfer to another institution prior to degree completion? You may still be eligible to complete your degree with Reverse Transfer. Reverse Transfer allows you to transfer credits that you have earned at other institutions back to GCC and apply them to your associates degree or certificate program. 我们会审核你的学分,如果你达到了毕业要求,我们会授予你学位! There are two ways to go about Reverse Transfer.

SUNY Reverse Transfer

纽约州立大学让你比以往任何时候都更容易反向转学,并从杰纳西社区学院获得学位. Simply submit a Reverse Transfer Request 通过纽约州立大学的在线提交系统,你的成绩单将在各机构之间共享. 允许我们审查你的学分,并确定你是否有资格获得十大靠谱赌博平台或证书. For more information or to submit a Reverse Transfer request please visit the SUNY Reverse Transfer Webpage.

Non-SUNY Reverse Transfer

If you have attended a Non-SUNY or private institution after leaving GCC you may still be eligible for Reverse Transfer. Please have an official transcript sent to Genesee Community College and contact our Transfer Coordinator at 585-343-0055 ext. 6230 or email to request a formal review of your credits for Reverse Transfer.

Are there any programs available for ROTC students?

对陆军后备军官训练队感兴趣的全日制GCC学生可以与纽约州立大学布洛克波特分校的后备军官训练队项目交叉列出课程. GCC students will receive SUNY Brockport credit for ROTC  courses and not have to pay tuition for Army ROTC courses at Brockport as long as they maintain full time status at GCC.

For more information, please contact:

The College at Brockport, State University of New York
(585) 395-2769

How does transferring work for international students?

The Department of Homeland Security requires that F-1 students complete a “school transfer” when changing to a new school. Your student record in SEVIS will then be released from Genesee Community College and sent to the institution to which you are transferring. You will then be issued a new Form I-20 from the new institution.

  • 通知国际学生服务中心你打算转学到另一个机构.
  • Proof of acceptance to your new institution. 将录取通知书的复印件带到学生成功中心的国际学生服务办公室. You must do this in order to be released to your “new” school.
  • Schedule a “release date” with the International Student Services Specialist for your F-1 record to be transferred to the new institution. Your new Form I-20 from your new institution cannot be issued until after the release date has been reached (unless you are traveling before reporting to transferring school, in which case talk with your new institution about your travel plans).
  • Complete the F-1 SEVIS Transfer Request Form and submit it to the International Student Services Specialist as soon as possible.

重要提示:如果你正在完成(或已经完成)你的学习计划或可选的实践培训, 完成后,你只有60天的时间将你的F-1记录转移到新的机构. Your F-1 student status ends 60 days after you complete your program of study or OPT!